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  • Allegro’s Enterprise Data Management System (EDMS) solutions provide a structured data delivery strategy that helps today’s data-driven organizations govern what data is collected, how it is stored, who has access and what level of protection it needs.

  • Minerva is a business coordination software, which enables workers and the organization they work for attain their full potential by making everyone more effective.

  • Allegro’s Access Control & Biometrics will allow you to effectively manage entry and egress from your facility through a marriage of state of the art hardware and a user friendly software to ensure the most security.

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The Company

Allegro Technologies is a specialized Data Management and Automation Company, providing next generation technology enabled data management services to public and private sector organizations on our proprietary data management platforms. We are passionate about helping organizations create sustainable value by improving productivity and enhancing service delivery.

By providing next generation advanced Enterprise Analytics, Data Integration, and Software Services, we enable organizations drive substantial business value from ongoing operations. We do this by automating data acquisition and providing a central point to access, analyze & visualize internal and external data in order to manage information and make timely business decisions.

What We Do

Allegro's business process automation platform looks to make your organization's business process more cost-efficient, streamlined, error-proof, and accessible. We achieve this by making available the relevant content required for each process step, tracking of pending work, monitoring process performance, and user productivity.

Allegro's platform provides reliable, seamless and customizable data integration. It prepares and combines data from diverse sources to create a complete picture of your business giving you the customer the advantage of having your data in one place and be able to make faster and better-informed business decisions.

Allegro's Identity and access management products provide organizations with tools and technologies for controlling user access to critical information and resources.

Our cloud-based solution makes your organization more productive by giving you the freedom to access important information anywhere. With this in mind, Allegro offers multiple methods to migrate your existing data in an expedient way so that your employees can begin to take advantage of Allegro's automation platform.

Allegro's modern intuitive analytics platform empowers organizations to access, discover, and analyze all types of data. With a wide variety of powerful analytics tools, from basic reports to predictive modeling, and dashboards users can uncover hidden connections, unseen correlations, track key performance indicators (KPI), and other useful information.

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Identity Management

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Analytics & Visualization

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Business Process Automation

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Data Migration

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Data Integration

Market Focus

Our choice of markets is shaped by our innovation focus and the unwavering belief that a modest gain in productivity via automation will have a profound effect on not only the bottom line, but on living standards within communities. Our focus on meeting the needs of our clients is also evident in our commitment to technology platforms that reduce adoption cost, hence ensuring our solutions are accessible to all

  • Government

  • Telecommunication

  • Banking

  • Oil and Gas

  • Retail

  • Real Estate

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